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I'm an Industrial Organizational psychologist, writer, videographer, speaker, and consultant. My Master's Degree in psychology studied "Growth Mindset" particularly with small businesses, communities, and travel and tourism. I love to see communities and people flourish and succeed, especially within the travel and tourism arena - I live, write, and shine a light on the Midwest. (Occasionally - I get a chance to road trip to other places - when I'm not exploring rural America or teaching a psychology class here and there!


I've been blogging for several years and have continued polishing my craft. I'm a member of the Midwest Travel and Midwest Blogging networks, Speaking at the upcoming Midwest Travel Conference - June 2021 - Board member of the O'Brien County Travel and Tourism Board, Lifelong traveler and speaker - Check below to see samples of my work - and consider following along on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - and of course - my blog


What do I do? I blog, vlog, video, and promote your destination, attraction, business, area ... basically, I shine a spotlight on YOU. However, it's more than that! I want to develop a complete relationship with you that spans over a "One and Done" mentality - and take the role of consultant with you or your organization (If you wish) to help develop a growth mindset to help advance and progress your goals - whatever that looks like. Maybe it's a blogging campaign or a social media consultation - or maybe you want me to simply show up to your town festival and do an online video and a blog post that promotes your hometown? Regardless - I'd love the opportunity to work with you. 


Here's a few samples of my work 

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